Working Proxies are getting harder and harder to find!
Here's one that I rechecked this morning and it still works!
Well I'm not having too much luck finding proxies but i was able to find one! Enjoy and have a good weekend!
Well I pulled through for you this time! I have managed to track down
a few more proxies and all the ones below work for my area!
Some are better than others so make sure to sneak a peak
at all of them!

Today I managed to find even more proxies for y'all...
But I also found out that the proxies from my last post were blocked from my school...
Here's six more proxies for you!

Today I've managed to find three proxies that worked for my area! I also found some other proxies that might work for you and where you live! See the list below:

I will continue to post more proxies as time goes by hopefully some of these help you in getting to where you want! Enjoy!